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The PSA legal policy

PSA Legal Strategy: Policy and Procedures. The PSA is committed to representing the legal interests of its members. Full membership represents an authority to represent, but not an obligation for the union to act as representative in all matters relating to the member’s employment, including where individual members have problems at work. Where members have problems at work, the PSA’s aim is to achieve settlement without recourse to the provisions of the Employment Relations Act. However the law provides a framework within which the parties to a dispute or grievance can work to resolve the problems that have generated the dispute or grievance.
Note: The taking of any case is subject to the member taking the advice of the PSA and not authorising any other legal advocate. If, at the point of joining the union, a member has a problem requiring the active support of the PSA, the union is not obliged to take the case. It is PSA policy to:
  • take cases where it has been assessed that the affected member (or members) has a better than 50% chance of success before the Employment Relations Authority and the taking of the case is not inconsistent with the PSA’s objective and strategy;
  • take legal cases, possibly including those where the chance of success is less than 50%, that advance the strategic interests of the union and have organisational value.