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The PSA is a political organisation

The PSA is a political organisation. By this we do not mean that we are party political. Rule 7(2) of the PSA rules makes it clear that the union cannot affiliate with or make any donation to a political party. However, we are inevitably involved in the politics of the workplace and, given that our members are mostly employed by public sector organisations or in the delivery of public services, we need to engage with the government, political parties and other organisations involved in the political process in order to advance our members’ interests. The PSA is committed to the promotion of quality public services and to worker and union rights. We will seek to gain influence with government, political parties and others, both between elections and during elections to promote our views on these issues. During elections we will promote PSA policy to the political parties and inform members about which parties’ policies best align with ours. This is an important contribution to the democratic process and essential if we are to be effective on members’ behalf.