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Sector committee representative: job description

Description Sector committee representatives are workplace delegates elected by other workplace delegates within a constituency as defined in the sector committee procedures.

The agreed approach to the role of sector committee representative is:

  • Facilitative, to ensure maximum input from members and delegates within the constituency, through PSA leadership in enterprises
  • Encouraging participation, where practicable and appropriate, to seek and listen to the views of members (via the PSA leadership in enterprises) and incorporate them into sector committee decision making
  • Sector and constituency focused, to promote awareness of the sector committee and executive board, and the issues raised there, with members and delegates within the representative’s constituency
  • Connective - focused on information exchange and linking within the PSA, between the sector committee/executive board and members and delegates in the constituency, enterprise and the PSA’s governance structures.

Key roles The key roles and functions of sector committee representatives are:

Active contribution to the work of the sector committee:

  • Attend all face-to-face meetings of the sector committee and participate in all telephone conferences
  • Read all papers for the sector committee meetings in advance and, where practicable and appropriate, get feedback on the issues from the PSA leadership in enterprises
  • Ensure that issues raised by the PSA leadership in enterprises or passed by members meetings in enterprises, are placed on the agenda for sector committee meetings
  • Contribute actively to discussions at sector committee meetings
  • Undertake any training provided for sector committee representatives
  • Read any executive board papers prior to any teleconferences to consider them
  • Provide informed guidance to the sector committee convenor/executive board member on issues to be raised at the executive board.
  • Undertake any actions arising out of a sector committee meeting that she/he is responsible for
  • Consult with the PSA leadership in enterprises within the constituency, prior to a vote for the sector convenor/executive board member position
  • Share information of common interest to members represented within the sector with the rest of the sector committee

Leadership within the constituency

  • Report regularly on sector committee business to members and delegates in the constituency
  • Develop and maintain a relationship with the PSA leadership in enterprises within the constituency
  • Test ideas out and stimulate debate on issues and trends impacting on the sector and the wider union with members and delegates within the constituency
  • Front member/delegates meetings on PSA matters as required
  • Maintain currency of information on what is happening within the constituency and on broader union and PSA issues

Within their own enterprise

  • Retain membership of own enterprise delegate committee

The key relationships managed by sector committee representatives are with:

PSA leadership in enterprises

  • Enterprise delegate committee convenors
  • Other key delegate contacts in enterprises where there are no enterprise delegate committees
  • Other members and delegates in the constituency from time to time
  • Delegates and members in their own enterprise

Sector committee

  • Sector organiser for sector committee business
  • Organising administrator for the sector for meeting arrangements
  • Sector committee members
  • Sector committee convenor/executive board member


  • Other sector committees through joint committee meetings
  • Secretariat
  • Assistant secretaries
  • Policy team

Support for role
The role of sector committee representative is a leadership role within the PSA governance structures. The holder of that position has influence within the organisation and access to information and debate. It requires a level of focus and time commitment. The PSA is committed to negotiating adequate time off from normal duties for sector committee representatives them to perform their role at an appropriate level of competence. Meeting papers and background information on issues will be provided. Sector committee representatives will have access to the PSA’s communications systems for reporting purposes, on conditions as may be agreed with the secretariat.