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Role of the organiser

Organisers are a vital and integral part of the PSA team. Their role is to organise members into an effective collective in order to gain maximum influence for the good of all members through the union. In this, their main task is to support delegates in building union organisation and engaging with the employer. While organisers will from time to time deal with issues where these are beyond the expertise of delegates (e.g. working with individual members who have particularly difficult problems in the workplace) they are focussed on building the systems, and providing the knowledge that assist delegates in raising, advancing and resolving issues as a collective organisation. Their role includes:
  • recruiting members;
  • recruiting and developing delegates;
  • expanding membership participation in the workplace;
  • monitoring and assessing PSA’s success in enterprises;
  • managing collective bargaining;
  • managing employment relationship problems;
  • managing relationships with employers;
  • promoting PSA strategies.
SEEAPPENDIX: OrganiserJob Description See also The organising function.