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PSA and the media

The PSA regularly gains both local and national media coverage on issues of concern to members. There is a PSA Media Relations Policy to ensure a co-ordinated and consistent approach to dealing with the media, and to provide guidelines to PSA staff and elected officials.

The PSA Media Advisor co-ordinates media communications and media liaison.All media comment on workplace disputes, matters of PSA policy and operation, and public sector issues must come from or through the Media Advisor, therefore:

  • media inquiries directed to staff or elected officials should be referred to the Media Advisor, and
  • the Media Advisor must be kept advised of all staff liaison with the media.
By delegation of a National Secretary, the Media Advisor may at times provide direct media comment. The authorised spokespeople of the PSA are the National Secretaries. On a case by case basis, the following may be decided:
  • matters where it is appropriate for the PSA President to be the spokesperson
  • delegation of others who have detailed knowledge of a local or national PSA issue to act as the PSA spokespeople in respect of specific media events
Spokespeople must brief the Media Advisor after speaking to the media about any issues arising from the contact. This helps to achieve a consistent line and to monitor media coverage.