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PSA activities and campaigns

The PSA seeks to gain influence beyond the workplace through a range of activities. We lobby politicians and officials, work with the media and organise campaigns. We prepare well-researched submissions to select committees, inquiries and other official bodies, meet regularly with those who influence policy and sit on government working parties and project groups. Wherever possible we also work with other unions, employers and other groups with whom we have a shared interest. PSA members may become involved in some of these activities, usually through campaigns or by being asked to represent the union on a working group (the PSA has expectations of how these representatives will work . The PSA is actively involved in campaigning on a number of issues that are important to the membership as a whole, or to particular sections of the membership. Campaigning is consistent with our purpose and usually involves improving the understanding of the public, politicians and stakeholders about the issue concerned. Current campaigns which the PSA is involved with can be found on the PSA web site.