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Professional Protection

The PSA does not provide professional indemnity insurance cover but may provide legal and support services for members who are the subject of investigations or prosecution by professional bodies such as registering authorities under the Health Practitioners’ Competence Assurance Act 2003, or investigatory bodies such as the Health and Disability Commissioner. The services are offered according to the following guidelines:
  • These services are offered at the discretion of the PSA and would normally only be provided in cases where the employer has refused to observe their common law obligation to indemnify their employees, or the circumstances make it too difficult or inappropriate for the member to approach the employer.
  • The PSA does not provide compensation for costs or fines incurred, or any other expense over and above legal costs.
  • Organisers provide initial support and support in low level dealings with registering authorities and other professional or investigatory bodies.
  • Legal representation is provided where it is inappropriate for organisers to do so.
  • Legal representation may be offered to members and former members, who find themselves facing action even though they have left their employment.