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The PSA uses its partnership approach to gain greater influence for members in the workplace. We seek to engage constructively with the employer, where we can, to advance members’ interests and improve services. The vertical axis relates to the union objective of using Partnership for Quality when engaging with the employer to address issues in the workplace. Engagement needs to be regular and at all levels of an organisation (i.e. with immediate managers and team leaders through to senior managers and the chief executive) to build:
= delegates providing a leading role in the workplace meeting with managers and ascertaining the collective views of members and representing them. Participation
= involvement by PSA representatives in working parties, committees, forums and other workplace initiatives. Agenda
= ensuring that matters of strategic and practical importance to union members are put forward proactively by union representatives; that union representatives clearly respond with members’ views on matters raised by management. Structure and process
= an agreed arrangement that allows for union representatives to meet and hold regular and structured dialogue with managers, and operating with agreed ground rules.