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Delegate Job Description - Enterprise Delegate Committee Convenor Job Description

Job Description for a convenor of an Enterprise Delegate Committee

Description Convenors are delegates and members of an enterprise delegate committee.

Approach The agreed approach to the role of convenors of enterprise delegate committees is:

  • Facilitative, to ensure maximum input from members and delegates within the enterprise and to promote the democratic processes of the PSA
  • Encouraging participation, to ensure the views of members are sought, listened to, and incorporated into decision making and that engagement with the union is strengthened
  • Enterprise focused, to maximise the access of members and delegates within the enterprises to PSA decision- and policy-making within the enterprise and beyond
  • Connective - focused on information exchange and linking within the PSA, between delegates and members in the enterprise and the PSA’s governance structures, combining the views within the enterprise with a whole of union approach.

Key roles The key roles and functions of sector convenors are:

Enterprise delegate committee leadership and development:

  • Facilitate the face to face and any teleconference meetings of enterprise delegate committees
  • Develop the agenda for meetings, in conjunction with the enterprise organiser and with input from committee members
  • Chair meetings and teleconferences of the enterprise delegate committee
  • Ensure agreed actions are followed up
  • Ensure committee vacancies are filled
  • Maintain an overview of issues and trends impacting on the enterprise and the wider sector.

Active contribution to the work of the PSA’s governance structures:

  • Provide the key linkage between the enterprise and the sector committee (and the Executive Board)
  • Raise issues identified by members and delegates with the sector committee representative
  • Discuss national and sector issues with the enterprise delegate committee members and appropriate others
  • Maintain appropriate contact with external stakeholders
  • Front member/delegates meetings on PSA matters as required
  • Maintain currency of information on broader union and PSA issues

Leadership within the enterprise

  • Presenting members’ views to management on particular issues, usually as mandated by the enterprise delegate committee
  • Representing the PSA at joint union and management meetings
  • Where necessary, supporting individuals in representations to senior management
  • Ensuring there are systems in place for distributing the Journal and other PSA communications
  • Ensuring that there are mechanisms for gathering members’ views on issues
  • Ensuring that there are systems for recruiting new members
  • Acting as a sounding board for managers who may wish to try out ideas.

Enterprise plans:

  • Ensure an enterprise plan is developed on an annual basis
  • Ensure wide input to the enterprise plan from members and delegates
  • Monitor and review the implementation of the plan


The key relationships managed by convenors of enterprise delegate committees are with:

Sector Committee Representatives

  • Raising member and enterprise issues with the sector committee representative(s) responsible for that enterprise on the sector committee
  • Ensuring information provided by the sector committee representative is disseminated throughout the enterprise
  • Contributing to the organisation of the election of the sector committee representative, as appropriate

Lead Organiser for the enterprise:

  • Meeting organisation, including agenda setting and follow up of agreed actions
  • Provision of information, to ensure enterprise delegate committee convenors are well-informed about developments in the wider union, and with broader issues and trends
  • Enterprise planning, to draw the appropriate linkages between union-wide and enterprise planning processes


  • Provide enterprise delegate committee leadership and development (see above)
  • Work with the enterprise delegate committee to ensure that the rules and regulations applying to the running of the PSA’s affairs at enterprise level are adhered to
  • Keep convenors apprised of current and emerging issues for major enterprises

Health and safety representatives:

  • Encourage close relationships between health and safety representatives and the PSA structures within the enterprise to ensure members are well aware of health and safety issues and that the health and safety representatives and the PSA take a consistent approach to those issues
  • Encourage PSA members to stand for health and safety representative positions

Organising administrator:

  • Meeting and teleconference organisation for national delegate meetings
  • Assistant secretaries:
  • As required, but particularly over industrial issues

Support for role
The role of enterprise delegate convenor role is a leadership role within the PSA structures at enterprise level. The holder of that position has influence within the organisation and access to information and debate. It requires a level of focus and time commitment. The PSA provides support for the role primarily through the lead organiser and administrative support as appropriate. The PSA is also committed to negotiating adequate time off from normal duties for the convenor to enable her/him to perform their role at an appropriate level of competence.