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Building union organisation

To maximize our effectiveness, the PSA needs to build union organisation. The horizontal axis relates to the first part of the union objective ‘to build union organisation’ which aims to:
Increase union membership density
– to have the vast majority of eligible employees as members of the union, that is, 80–100 percent of staff as members of the PSA.
Elect delegates
Delegates are the key to union organisation. A good ratio of delegates to members ensures good representation; a working principle is to have one delegate to twenty members but this ratio is indicative only and delegate representation should always be appropriate to the workplace.
Delegates need to be supported by members in their workplaces, and they need to be trained and to work as a team with other delegates
Have good union workplace structures
This means
- regular meetings of members, and
- good communication systems, i.e. efficient journal distribution, a PSA noticeboard, email contact and union newsletters, as well as regular meetings of delegates, and regular contact with PSA staff.
Operate democratically as a union
Members need to be involved in the union and have their say. The election of leaders (delegates) takes place regularly through members meetings.