6(b) Expectations of PSA Representatives on External Bodies

[1] Delegates, network representatives, sector representatives, members of the Committee of Te Rūnanga o Ngā Toa Āwhina, Executive Board members and staff members may from time to time represent the PSA on various bodies related to the affiliations above. They may also represent the PSA on government, employer or other stakeholder working groups, project teams, etc. that may be involved in work relevant to the PSA’s membership.

When delegates and staff members of the PSA represent the PSA on any external body there is an expectation that they will represent the views of the PSA, rather than their personal views, and that they remain accountable back to the PSA. This expectation means that:

(i) We will ensure that PSA representatives are appointed by the appropriate body or person in each case (e.g. appointment as PSA representative to the main CTU structures is a matter for the executive board).

(ii) We will develop a view to represent in such forums by:

a. wherever possible identifying priorities for promotion prior to the representative attending the forum;

b. asking representatives to check with the appropriate person(s) in the PSA (the secretariat in the case of the main CTU representative structures) when agendas come out to ascertain whether there is a PSA view that they should be advancing;

c. providing representatives with an induction pack including a statement of expectations, any other relevant background material (such as the structure of the CTU), and any relevant PSA policy.

(iii) We will require accountability back on what happens in such forums by:

a. establishing to whom representatives are accountable in each case;

b. asking for a report back to the appropriate representative group/structure within the PSA after each meeting, or to the members through the PSA Journal, Noticeboard, sector newsletter, as appropriate.

[1] based on board paper – PSA Participation in CTU Forums and Representative Structures (August 2008)