The role of the secretariat

The secretariat is the collective of national secretaries appointed in terms of these rules and is responsible for the operational activities of the union and is the employer of the staff of the union.

The current members of the secretariat are Brenda Pilott and Richard Wagstaff.

While accountable to the executive board, the national secretaries are also members of the executive board and have voting rights.

In fulfilling their role the secretariat must (among other things):

  • act in accordance with their employment contracts and the job descriptions set by the executive board;
  • efficiently manage the affairs and resources of the union and report to the executive board on these matters;
  • manage all matters related to the employment of staff, including recommending the appropriate number of staff to the executive board;
  • maintain financial records and records of membership.

The secretariat is also responsible for calling and attending meetings of the executive board, national delegates’ congress, special delegates’ congresses and annual general meetings and be responsible for the taking of minutes.