The organising function

Organisers are the single largest group of employees of the PSA and their work is central to our success.

The Role of the organiser is to organise members into an effective collective whereby members can wield maximum influence for the good of all members through the union. Organisers also support individual members and have a range of other responsibilities as outlined elsewhere in this manual.

Organisers are located in Local Organising Teams (LOTs) around the country and come together in other groupings as required for their sectors (e.g. health and local government) or enterprises (e.g. National Organising Groups (NOGs) for large public service departments).

The delegate development team (see Delegates) operate as part of the organising function within the PSA. The team consists of union educators who train delegates in order that they can better perform their role. There is close liaison between organisers and the delegate development team.

Organising and development team administration support is provided by organising administrators (OAs) who are full members of the local organising team.The administration role is a key part of organising work. Some OAs provide administrative support for different elected structures by supporting the participation of delegates in sector committees and in Te Rūnanga o Ngā Toa Āwhina by planning and assisting with leave, travel and accommodation arrangements.Others ensure delegates participate in delegate development by maintaining the appropriate monitoring and follow-up systems.

The organising centre provides telephone and on-line support for organising and delegate development. They provide the first point of contact with the PSA for most members, providing them with information and advice and putting them in touch with that part of the PSA’s operations that can best meet their needs. Beyond this the organising centre can support individuals with employment problems and support campaigns and other union activities.

Organisers, the delegate development team and the organising centre, are responsible to four assistant secretaries, who in turn report to the secretariat. They assign organiser responsibilities and manage the various teams. They facilitate planning, allocation and re-allocation of resources between teams and resolve competing priorities.