The management/governance split

The purpose of the representative or governance structures of the PSA is to provide a mechanism by which the membership of the union is able to exercise democratic control over the strategic direction and policies of the union and maintain oversight of its operations.

Responsibility for the management of the operations of the PSA lies with the secretariat. It is not the role of any of the governance structures (e.g. the executive board, the National Delegates Congress) to make operational decisions. However, the secretariat is responsible to the executive board for how the operations of the PSA are managed.

The executive board is the employer of the secretariat, and the secretariat employs the rest of the staff of the PSA. The board are able to use this role as employer to oversee the operational arm of the PSA by appointing the secretariat and managing their performance.

The board also receives regular reports on operational matters of importance and is able to offer guidance and advice to the secretariat where appropriate.