(e) Decision making at PSA meetings

Decision making at any meeting within the PSA’s governance and workplace structures is by  consensus (where possible) but a vote may be held

Where a vote is required on a matter, it is decided by a majority of votes cast
by those entitled to vote and voting.

  • Voting should only take place when it is absolutely clear that a consensus is not possible and the decision on this is the responsibility of the chair.
  • When a vote is taken it shall be on the basis of one member one vote, with the exception that the chair has a casting vote;
  • Motions, when moved, require a mover and seconder;
  • While proxy voting is generally NOT applicable for most meetings, it is permissible:
  • (a) with the approval of the secretariat and
    (b) when the member signs a notice that specifies
    - who the member is who can exercise the proxy, and
    - the meeting at which the proxy is to be exercised.

All motions or amendments submitted to an authorised meeting of members must be supported by a mover and seconder.