The Committee of Te Rūnanga o Ngā Toa Āwhina

  • consists of ten elected rūnanga representatives (plus the convenor)who provide leadership, support and representation for Māori members. The membership of the Committee is established automatically once sector hui have appointed the committees of the sector rūnanga;
  • has a convenor who is an officer of the PSA and a member of the Executive Board;
  • is supported by a kaumatua and kuia (respected male and female elders);
  • has equivalent powers to a sector committee, including the right to nominate people for the presidency and to send remits to National Delegates’ Congress.

Summary of the functions and powers of the Committee:

  • To undertake planning for Te Rūnanga o Nga Toa Awhina and provide oversight of the implementation of policy within the rūnanga. The Rūnanga plan must be consistent with the overall strategic plan of the PSA.
  • To act as advisors to the executive board on a range of matters including policy development and the strategy of the union.
  • To provide leadership for the PSA in Māori tikanga (process) and kawa (protocol).
  • To co-ordinate and represent the interests of Māori members within and across sectors.
  • To promote cultural awareness and an understanding of biculturalism across the PSA.
  • To raise awareness of Māori issues.
  • To develop networks for Māori members and work with sector committees, sector rūnanga, and the executive board.
  • To promote and support the unionisation of workers in Māori organisations.