Sector committee procedures

Each sector committee has the power to establish its own procedures, subject to the approval of the executive board and the provisions of the PSA Rules and The Regulations of the New Zealand Public Service Association. The proceduresdeal with such details as:
  • the process for electing sector committee representatives [Rule 31];
  • the election of a convener [Rule 32(1)(b)];
  • the process for selecting sector delegates to national delegates congress.
Sector procedures must comply with the rules and regulations and, when deciding whether or not to approve these procedures, the executive board will consider the extent to which they enhance the democracy of the PSA and communication with members, and the transparency with which the business of the sectors is conducted. The procedures for each sector committee are listed in Schedule A in The Regulations of the New Zealand Public Service Association, but are currently under revision. New sector procedures will be in place by June 2011 at the latest.