Representative expenses policy

Details and forms

PSA policy recognises that delegates and representatives who incur reasonable, additional costs in attending meetings are entitled to be fully reimbursed for those costs to ensure they are not out-of-pocket while working on approved union business. On the other hand, this reimbursement is not a recognition of service to the union, and does not normally apply to delegates' activities in the workplace.

The secretariat is responsible and accountable for prudent stewardship of members funds and administratively requires staff to follow basic accounting procedures.

Reimbursement of expenses may cover

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Travel (use the least expensive form of transport commensurate with reasonable convenience)

- Airport to meeting venue / Meeting venue to airport (provide receipts if using shuttle or taxi services; taxi chits can usually be supplied)
- Local meetings
- Private transport

  • Salary reimbursement
    (requires a completed tax form (IR 330) so that the PSA can make the correct payments and returns to the IRD.Tax forms can be obtained from the PSA finance unit when making a claim);
  • Childcare costs which unavoidably arise from undertaking responsibilities on behalf of PSA.

Claiming reimbursement of expenses

In summary, a claim for reimbursement requires documentation as follows:

Amount claimed Documentation required
up to $10 no receipt but provide evidence of expenditure if available
$10 and up to $50 evidence of expenditure
$50 and over a full GST invoice

Settlement of claims: claims are processed by the finance unit in Wellington.Delegates attending meetings in Wellington can, if required, obtain a cash settlement for modest amounts.For larger claims including salary reimbursements, settlement will usually be made within two days by direct credit to a nominated bank account or by cheque.