National Delegates’ Congress

The national delegates’ congress is a body representing all categories of membership of the PSA. It acts as the highest constitutional authority of the PSA and sets the overall policy direction of the PSA.
  • The national delegates’ congress is held once every two years, but no earlier than 1 July of the year that the national delegates’ congress is held.
  • The executive board sets the date, place and time of the national delegates’ congress.

The effect of every decision made at the national delegates’ congress is to bind every officer, member of the executive board and member of the PSA affected by that decision.

Because of the important policy-making role of the National Delegates’ Congress there is a timetable to be followed (Rule 55 in the PSA Rules), which ensures that any business for Congress (including nominations for president and any notices of motion) is circulated to members well in advance.This allows amendments to be proposed and circulated so that delegates to Congress can be mandated in advance. It is not possible to amend notices of motion from the floor.