Who attends?

Because of the greater authority of the national and special delegates’ congresses, more delegates from the sectors and Te Rūnanga o Ngā Toa Āwhina attend these than attend the AGM.

The representatives to the national delegates’ congress, the Annual General Meeting and any special delegates’ congress are:

(a) the executive board of the PSA;

(b) Sector representatives.

(c) an additional representative of the staff group.

In addition conveners of Networks may attend as observers with speaking rights, but no voting rights (unless they are also selected as Sector representatives.

Any financial member of the PSA is entitled to attend the national delegates congress, AGM and special delegates congress as an observer.

An observer may speak with the permission of the convenor subject to such conditions (for instance, as to subject matter or duration of speaking time) as the convenor may rule, but has no vote.