Election of sector committee representatives

Sector committee representatives are elected for a two year term. Sector committees are elected within the period 1 April to 30 September in the year following a national delegates’ congress. This enables enterprise elections to be conducted by 30 June. Once those are completed within the sector then organisation of the sector committee elections can begin. This involves:
  • voting by delegates within each constituency Constituencies that makes up the sector, or see Schedule A in The Regulations of the New Zealand Public Service Association;
  • for the health sector these constituencies are geographical. For the other sectors the constituencies represent groupings of enterprises that have a common interest;
  • the election process, as summarised under Election of delegates, with the added rider that delegates voting in the election of sector committee members “must use their best endeavours” to consult with members within their constituency. Sector committee proceduresstate how this will be managed in each sector;
  • the facility for the sector committee to backfill a vacancy created when either the President is elected from their number or the convenor of Te Rūnanga o Ngā Toa Āwhina is elected from their number.