The role of the delegate

The role of the delegate is to act as a democratic leader and represent PSA members in the workplace. Relationship building is key to the role of a delegate – with members, fellow delegates and with management. The PSA cannot function without good organisation in the workplace, that is sufficient numbers of members, active participation of members in the PSA, good delegate networks, and good engagement with management – as outlined in the earlier section on gaining influence in the workplace. It is delegates who facilitate both organisation and engagement. The kind of tasks expected of a delegate are outlined in the Delegate Job Description.

As a delegate you will need certain skills, knowledge and attributes, such as leadership, relationship skills and a basic knowledge of employee rights. Some delegates will have these competencies already but many will not and will acquire them during their tenure in the role. The PSA provides training and other forms of Support for delegates to help new delegates adjust and experienced delegates to keep up to date. Your experience in the role and the competencies you develop as a delegate can have wider application, and many find them useful in their employment career.