Deciding on the numbers of delegates

The numbers of delegates in each enterprise, and theconstituencies they represent, is decided by the enterprise delegate committee.

In identifying the constituencies and number of delegates in an enterprise, the enterprise delegate committee should ensure that:

(a) every workplace has representation (this does not require there to be a delegate in every workplace);

(b) the needs of groups who might work across more than one workplace, such as occupational groups or managers, are accommodated;

(c) they consider the relative numbers of members in each constituency.

As a guide, the PSA suggests a ratio of one delegate to twenty members.

The committee also needs to take into account any agreement with the employer whereby a certain number of delegate positions are funded for time release, travel or any other type of support. The PSA is not obliged to provide funding to support delegates in these ways when the number decided upon exceeds anything agreed with the employer.