(f) Being informed

The PSA keeps members informed about issues that effect them through a variety of publications:

  • Working Life (the PSA Journal) – published 4 times a year and distributed to every member through the workplace.
  • PSA Noticeboard – a monthly electronic newsletter, circulated to all members with an e-mail address.
  • PSA Pulse - PSA Pulse is the newsletter for PSA membersemployed by district health boards. It is distributed through workplaces.
  • The Local – the Local is the quarterly newsletter for PSA members employed in local government. It is mailed to members in the workplace.
  • Te Here Tikanga – this is the quarterly newsletter for members employed in the community and disability support services.
  • Nga Peka a Tatou – Nga Peka a Tatou is the quarterly newsletter of Te Rūnanga o Ngā Toa Āwhina. It is sent to member who have identified as Māori.
  • Union News – from time to time the PSA may publish a Union News in enterprises where it has members, reporting on issues that affect that enterprise alone.