Subscriptions and how they are set

One of the powers of the PSA is to fix and levy subscriptions from time to time, and to charge for the provision of services.

PSA membership subscriptions are set by the Executive Board and are based on annual salaries before tax.

The rates from 1 March 2009 are:

  • Full members:
For members earning subscription
(per fortnight)
under $17,000 $3.70
between $16,000 and $34,000 $7.40
over $34,000 $14.80
  • Associate members: $50 per annum for the year ending 31 March.
  • Student members: $25 per annum for the year ending 31 March.

Subscriptions are normally paid by deduction from salary but may be payable by direct debit, cheque or cash or some other form of payment that is acceptable to the executive board.

Members on parental leave or special leave without pay are not required to pay subscription. Both continue to be full members of the union but members on special leave without pay are not entitled to exercise voting rights during the period of leave. To maintain membership while not paying subscriptions, members in these categories must not be in arrears and must provide the PSA with evidence of the leave and the date of expected return to work.

Members are entitled to reimbursement for any overpayment of subscription, provided that they can provide documentary evidence of the overpayment. The maximum period for which the PSA remains liable is twelve months.

The PSA reserves the right to recover arrears of subscriptions and levies by legal process.