Ceasing to be a member

A member may cease her/his membership of the PSA by either resigning, being expelled or (most commonly) letting their membership lapse by becoming unfinancial (see the end of this section for a summary of what the rules say about these options).

Often members let their membership lapse because they have changed jobs. Be sure to let us know when this happens as there are a number of options open to you:

  • If you are going to another position in an organisation where the PSA has members you can retain your membership – just let us know;
  • If you are going to a job where we do not have members, talk to us because we may be interested in recruiting more members there, or if not, you may be able to continue membership as an associate member;
  • If you have been made redundant, without another job, you can continue membership as an associate member;
  • If you are going into full time study, student membership is available to you.

The benefits and conditions of associate and student membership are set out above.

Associate membership is also available to those who have left the PSA because they have retired.

If you have resigned from the PSA because you unhappy with something the union has done, it is important that you talk to us about it. Try raising your issue with your delegate or organiser or, if you don’t feel you can do this, you can always lodge a formal complaint with the PSA.

According to the rules, membership of the PSA ceases at the point of:

(a) Resignation - to resign, a member must give at least two (2) weeks notice in writing to the secretariat;

(b) Becoming unfinancial -i.e. subscriptions are more than ninety days in arrears. (Exceptions and conditions apply for members on parental leave, special leave without pay, or where all or part of the payable subscription is waived according to any policy agreed by the Executive Board.)

(c) Expulsion - a member may face expulsion if found to knowingly act in a manner contrary to the rules or policies of the PSA, or to have wilfully assaulted an officer, elected representative of the PSA, delegate, member of the PSA or employee of the PSA.

All subscriptions due to the PSA at the cessation of membership must be paid immediately.