The PSA's strategic agenda: Democracy at Work

Democracy at Work is the PSA’s strategic agenda and the outcome of extensive research and discussions with members around the country. It is our aspiration for the future of public services in New Zealand and recognises that:

  • PSA members care about the quality of public services.
    They work with pride and professionalism in often stressful jobs.
    They have a strong interest, individually and collectively, in the quality and effectiveness of the services they deliver.
  • Having a voice in decisions is intrinsic to a good job and to an engaged and productive workforce.
  • High Performing workplaces tap into theknowledge, commitment and ideas of staff to identify problems and find solutions.
  • They provide opportunities for innovative thinking that is not divorced from reality but engages with citizens. Without this, it is hard to see how we can shape public services to respond to public preference and achieve the best possible results.

 This agenda reinforces the public sector ethos: one of trust, integrity and commitment to service and to the central claims of citizens in the design and delivery of publicly-funded and democratically-authorised services.

The PSA’s Democracy at Work agenda has three interwoven strands.